STEM / STEAM based Robotics LEARNING

Today the education sector has to look beyond smart classrooms by enhancing hands on experience learning. We have an exam focused education system which limits the students from innovation & problem – solving. lso the link between science, technology, engineering & entrepreneurship is totally missing in India .This is where STEM/STEAM learning comes to fill in the gap!

Therefore STEM/STEAM learning is the need of the hour.

STEM/STEAM learning is known as science, Technology, engineering & maths with STEAM includes arts as a learning by providing problem based method learning methods used with a creative process, is steam education very much necessary in Indian education sector?

STEM education provides an opportunity to learn 21st century skills such as problem solving,critical thinking,innovation etc. Now there are lots of Smartclass learning but this learning fails to create children who are problem solvers, innovators or creators. These skills are enhanced by Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths based hand on experiential learning.

Hence we from Kreowledge offer STEM/STEAM based Robotics learning, create an environment for children from 5 to 15 years of age to learn these skills and become habitual makers or creators or problem solvers!

STEM/STEAM is a more effective & meaningful way to connect with & engage students as it.

Promoting teamwork

Critical thinking

Problem solvers

Problem solvers

The Objective

The objective of STEAM learning is to make every child a Habitual Maker, Creator and Problem solver. Every School is now introducing STEM based learning with their syllabus realising that future is for Problem solvers and Creators.

Age Group who can participate in STEM/ STEAM learning

From 4.5yrs to 7 yrs - Level 1
From 8 yrs to 12 Yrs - Level 2

We request every parent to try our day STEAM learning Robotics Workshop to understand how a child changes after taking one of the classes!

Timings of the Classes

We offer this STEM based learning on Weekdays in the evening and Weekends in the Morning sessions.

Every Project is for 90 mins and every children are provided with individual attention and assessment along with take home projects. Also we support them with back up materials in every project.
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