Language Development Centre

Based on the age factors of the child the following programs are designed for the Child to
have better learning curriculum

After School Activities - Age 3 to 10 years.

We offer various types of after school activities for the child keeping in mind their interest and pace of learning. We help in identifying the individual expertise of the child and suggest the parents to offer the activities accordingly. More important is that we help the child to get better behaviour and attitude towards their responsibility in learning for school syllabus, writing their homework. We offer following activities for the Children to increase their capapcity of creativity especially.

  • Drawing and Paintings
  • Arts and Crafts, Clay Time
  • Water and Sand Play,
  • Phonics and Reading Time
  • Handwriting with Fine Motor skills
  • Outdoor innovative play with Gross Motor skills
  • After school Montessori Tuition (Experiential learning)
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Kreowledge closely works with every Child enhancing them to be the best of themselves!!