According to Maria Montessori, the most important period of life is not the age of university studies,but the first one. The period from birth to age six.

There are so many teachers who complete teacher training courses theoretically but practically their employability skill seems to not fair enough to work in a childhood environment!

We at Kreowledge provide a very simplified and a comprehensive training to our teachers with consistency and more quality. Quality education is a necessity which depends on the quality educator! Hence our Mission is to create not only qualified teachers but also more Quality teachers with employability skills towards handling the Children.
We enhance each teacher's skill by training them both in practical and theoretical learning subjects and also give them the opportunity to face interviews & explain about their employability skills in handling each & every child .

Our Workshop for Parents and Aspiring Teachers

Our teacher training program has a basic 2.5 hours workshop, which happens every month once via both online webinar as well as through direct workshop! These are the following topics we discuss during this workshop for the benefit of parents as well as teachers in handling children

This workshop is exclusively for parents with Children below 8 years of age and for people who aspire to become a inspiring primary school teacher.

In this workshop, we give you deep insight about

Unhurried Childhood with Montessori way of learning.

How parents can adopt simple techniques and tools at home for the child to eat better, bring behavioural changes without hassles?

How to save your Child form Mobile/TV addiction through our Digital Detox moment!

How as Parents who need to spend quality time with Children to enhance better relationship and intelligence in children

How to make your child survive this 21 century Competition by getting knowledge about the 21 Century Skills

Our 10 days Training Program

We have a 10 days Basic Montessori Teacher Training Module for both the Parents as well as for the Aspiring Teachers!

This 10 days is a detailed program on different subjects of early learning as well as how to mould the personality of a child in various aspects of life such as

Personality Development (Socialising, Independence, Decision Making & Problem Solving)

Cognitive Development (Science, Mathematics, Environment & others)

Language Development (Grammer, Vocabulary, Expression, Phonology)

Physical Development (Sensorial development, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Practical Skills)

Creative Development (Music, Arts, Role play, Construction)

The Above major areas of learning inconnection with the Early Childhood education is explained in detail in this training program with various practical applications.
Also this training Program will give you a look and arrangement of the environment as to how a day is spent in the Montessori environment by the teacher & the Child!


The benefits of taking this training is that a passionate person in the teaching line can choose a career as a Teacher by becoming an Asst Montessori Teacher in 10 days!
Secondly, as a Parent you will be able to handle all the tasks and challenges of the Children be it anything and can guide and support children appropriately in each developmental stages?
Thirdly , We in Kreowledge would give three months practical training for the aspiring teachers to gain more experience from Children as well as from our Kreowledge Team!

Our 6 Months Montessori Teacher Training Program

This is a Certified Program with Govt approval! As an Aspiring Teacher this program will enable you to become a full time Montessori Teacher with good pay!
We at Kreowledge offer this program with much care and prepare the Teacher for the career with good employable as well handling any type of Children.
We enhance the skills of the teacher through various practical and theoretical fun filled sessions for nearly Six months! At the completion of this Training a well Certified Govt approved Certificate is provided which is much worth for the Career as a Teacher!

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Kreowledge closely works with every Child enhancing them to be the best of themselves!!