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The origin of “Kreowledge Early Education Centre”

Realising the truth that Preschool or Playschool is Not a place spend time to prepare for real school or not just a place for having fun with colour, rhymes, numbers or to socialise with other kids. A good Pre-school goes way beyond these basic requirements and it is the most important learning institution where the child learns the fundamentals of all the skills required in future along with shaping of Child’s attitude. Taking into consideration of the Future generation Kreowledge was established with best learning method which is Experiential hand on learning from Childhood based on Montessori philosophy.

Why Early education ? Or Why Pre-school?

The highest level of absorbing and learning capacity of every human being is between 0 to 6 years. This period is the Most important time for Brain development for every human. Whatever learning, habits and skills gathered during period become the life coding principles for every person for all of his remaining life.That is why, Early education is strongly recommended by the education expert. So it of utmost importance to identify the appropriate method of learning and different areas of skills development in a child and ensure that they are imparted in an effective manner to make them well equipped and successful in all aspects of life and learning for their future completely.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an environment that enables every child to have opportunities to learn and enable all round skills and development. Our teachers move with every children individually allowing them to make choices and encourage them to question, explore, investigate and acquire skills that will make them learners for life.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a world class early education centre creating the best of future generation, driven by values and experiential learning.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum is the set of experiences, activities and events, direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children's learning and development. In simple terms, Curriculum is a plan for learning.

Our curriculum is a comprehensive child-centric curriculum that comes with set objectives in all major areas of development. Curriculum is supported by educational materials which enhances the hands on experiential learning every day. The Curriculum has an environmental setup as described below


For a child below 6 years, the environment itself becomes an instigator of inquisitive and exploration as it is supported by many materials. The environment allows the young child to explore the learning aids which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum.

Every material is attractive and also colourful to kindle the interest in the child in all areas of work and when the children want to learn the teacher facilitate the children to choose the material and give freedom of choice enabling the self learning process. The environment is designed considering the following important areas of brain development with following skills.

Areas of brain development

1. Personality development - (Problem solving, Decision making, social skills, independence)

2. Cognitive Development - (Science, Maths, Environment, Memory power, understanding capacity)

3. Language development - ( Communication, Vocabulary, Grammar, phonology, reading)

4. Senso Motor Skills - (Fine Motor-writing, Gross Motor-sports, Senses sharpening, Practical life skills)

5. Creativity development - ( Music, Arts, Role play, imagination, create ideas)

All the above skills are related to the child's developmental giving the strong foundation of values and knowledge to the child enhancing appropriate discipline attitude allowing them to become Masters in each skills.


Based on the skills of development our classrooms is organized into following areas of learning

Language Area

Art Corner

Cognitive Corner

Senso motor skills

EPL (Exercises of Practical life)

Outdoor Learning environment


Everything done at Kreowledge has been intrinsically designed to set a child up for success. Children are given Lessons with materials from choosing activities they would like to work with. They can repeat and explore them as they desire with the assistance of the teacher.

At the same time they are closely observed by teachers who gently encourage children to master the activity.


Our aim is to maximize the potential of every child by treating them as active learners that need choice and independence. Kreowledge Montessori education teaches children how to learn instead of just what to learn.

The end result is a lifelong love of learning which primes them for successful careers in any direction they pursue. Children who benefit from these experiences grow into confident adults.

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Kreowledge closely works with every Child enhancing them to be the best of themselves!!